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Aran McKenna, Digital UI/UX Designer

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What I do

UI Design

UI/UX Design

Overhauling existing User Interfaces to aid the user experience, as well as creating new UI designs from concept through wireframing to completion is what I love doing most.

graphic design

Graphic Design

Logo and branding is a big part of what I do. I love creating designs for both print and online content and especially enjoy creating new brand identities.

Web design

Responsive Design

Creating and implementing digital content for use in CMS such as WordPress and Drupal well as coding HTML and CSS for webpages and responsive deisgn.

Selected Work


Renovate Design & Build were looking to expand their online presense and wanted a modern and exciting website to increase the company’s exposure. 


The online media platform wanted to start from the ground up. This lead to the creation of the logo and branding, as well as the development of the user interface design.

Flo Paul Podiatry

UI/UX update for the podiatry website. The main focus was on simplifying the user journey, enabling users to easily find which services were available. 

JM Bookkeeping

The development of the bookkeeping services logo and branding. 


A greater selection of my work can be found by downloading my PDF folio. 

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