Logo, branding & website UI

Merge Media


The idea was to create a website showcasing new videography, photography and articles on a single online platform. To do this the team needed new branding along with the structure and design of the website created for them.

Merge Concept
Merge Logo

Branding &
logo design

One of the main requirements for the logo was that the colour palette needed to be black and white. After several options were reviewed the final logo was decided upon, a simple, modern and bold design with the first two letters merging together. 


Once the logo and branding had been decided I was tasked with putting together a wireframe for the basic layout of the website. As the platform was about showcasing visual content, very little text was used for the home and hero pages. 

Merge Wireframes
Merge Web

Website Development

Although the client initially wanted to build the website themselves using the wireframe designs, I provided assistance with some of the HTML & CSS and to ensure the user interface was not too complex for the end user.

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